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Terms and Conditions

EXOTIQ TOURS (Company) is engaged in the marketing and sale of international and domestic holiday packages for Indian and Incoming foreign travellers


The company is a travel and holiday organizer only. Company does not own/control/operate any Airline, Cruise lines, Railways, Transport Company, Hotel, Theme park, Attractions or any other independent contractor or service provider in relation with the services offered. Though the company selects the best available holiday essentials of hotels, transportation, sight seeings, meals, etc., company cannot be held responsible for any delay or deficiency in services of such independent contractors/service providers.


Great care and attention has been taken to create the itineraries and best available services to offer best value for your money. We have strived to design itineraries keeping the yearning travellers’ interests in mind. However at times due to conditions beyond our control, like bad weather, rerouting of flights rail or roadways, restricted entry at a place, or any other eventualities, the company reserves the right to modify routes/itineraries, and solicits your cooperation in accepting such circumstantial changes.


Hotels/Resorts/Apartments chosen for tours are ones that are comfortable and convenient from the sightseeing perspective. Company reserves the right to change the hotel similar to ones mentioned and confirm alternate accommodation in case of any exigencies, on either before start of tour or during tour. In case of larger family size, efforts to provide rooms in closer proximity will be made but it cannot be always be guaranteed as hotels do not have a policy of pre allotment and the same is dependent on occupancy position on the day of check in. Rooms are allotted on twin / triple/ single basis and children with or without bed basis depending on composition of the family/group. The check in/check out time for the hotels is country specific, and guests are required to follow such norms. Meals are provided as clearly specified in the itinerary. Where a meal is missed by tour participant at own will or due to late/non arrival at announced meal timing no compensation for such missed meal/s is claimable.


Where tour participant buys a tour inclusive of flight/cruise/train tickets, company reserves the right to collect amount in excess of standard booking amount to cover full cost towards issue of all such tickets at the class and price available then for said travel date. It is expressly stated and be understood that Company has limitations in holding seats at a price beyond the time limit made available by the airline/cruise/rail companies concerned. Flights/Cruise/ Train reservations however fall under instant purchase system with no facility of blocking seats/accommodation at a given price point.


Tour participants have an option to choose between private transfers or seat in coach (SIC) transfer basis. It is necessary that tour participants are present at the pickup point at least 15 minutes before the schedule transfer time. In case you miss a transfer on account of late arrival, no compensation shall be paid.


Tour participants should hold valid travel documents viz. passport, visas, tickets for travel. It will be the tour participant’s responsibility to apply for visa well in advance of proposed travel date with complete and correct set of documents prescribed by consulate including ticket copy and hotel confirmation vouchers. In the event of delay in the payment of advance booking amount as advised by the company or delay in submission of visa documents or any other reason whatsoever, due to which the visa cannot be processed ahead of the time limit necessary for confirmation of hotel and other tour services by the company, the company will not be liable for the consequences thereof like inability on part of the tour participant to take the tour and also monetary loss by virtue of forfeiture of money or monies already paid by him/her to company, airline, consulate or any other service provider acting on behalf of the company. Visas which are required to be processed on urgent basis due to closer travel dates or delayed receipt of complete documentation from tour participant will attract additional urgent visa fee to be paid in advance by the tour participant.


It is important that Tour Participant acquires before travel, adequate insurance coverage to meet medical exigencies, loss of baggage, travel documents etc on tour by paying the specified premium thereon and also provide name of a nominee to be included in the policy document. It may be noted that tour participant would have a direct contractual relation with the insurer and the Company is only a facilitator. Tour participant shall therefore check the accuracy and correctness of the insurance policy and in case of any errors or lapses report the same to the Insurance Company and get the same rectified as Exotiqtours will not be responsible for the same.


Tour price indicated by the company are based on price inputs that are available at the time of providing a quote or printing and /or uploading its website. The Company thus reserves the right to charge the tour participant prices prevailing at the time of actual receipt of booking for such tour and/or travel related services. In tours with dual pricing in INR and foreign currency. For Indians travelling overseas, It is essential that all payments towards the foreign currency component of the tour cost shall be made by the tour participant from his/her BTQ entitlement and by signing BTQ form for the same as per RBI rules and regulations


Any processing of the services for the tour can commence only after receipt of signed booking form and requisite advance booking amount against a proforma invoice which is 25% of the total tour cost, per person. Where transportation by air/cruise/rail and visa services is to be booked for tour participant the company reserves the right to insist on full payment for these services in addition to the advance booking deposit. The balance amount is to be paid as will specified in the invoice.


All intimation for cancellation should be advised in writing by the main signatory/ies on the booking form on behalf of any one or more persons who cannot participate in the tour citing reasons thereof. The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the date of receipt on email or physical letter at company’s office as the case may be

60 – 45 days prior to departure 10% of invoice value
45 – 30 days prior to departure 25% of invoice price
30 – 15 days prior to departure 50% of invoice price
Less than 15 days prior to departure 75% of invoice price
less than 15 days prior to departure 100% of invoice price

Note: Cancellation levy of hotel/airline/cruise line/ railway/transporter will also apply in addition to above.