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Tribal and Village Tours

Tribes of India played a significant role in Indian National Movement. Closest to nature, their way of life holds many hidden truths that can be beneficial to today’s people. It has been substantiated by researches that their medicine, art, music and dance, etc can pave the way to a deeper understanding of mankind. Indian Tribal culture is rich in many aspects. As Indian tribes span all across, you will be able to peep into the diverse Indian culture through these tribes. India has more than 500 tribes, with a population of around 80 milliom. From the blissful North East India to Splendid Orissa, fascinating Chattisgarh and Jharkhand, the tribes have so far been able to preserve their prehistoric culture, rituals and customs even in today’s changing world. As a result you can still get a glimkpse of rich culture and traditions of an ancient India in those tribal regions that will take you back in time and offer you an unforgettable experience – that you would have never had before. Nagaland and North East India has 16 major tribes, and if you venture into their villages, a few hours from Kohima or to Mon and Mokochung you will surely be fascinated by the tribal village life. And for a tribal treat donot miss the Hornbill Festival festival held every December in Nagaland. The Bhil tribes of Rajasthan are considered to be the original inhabitants of the state, and therefore this particular tribe attracts many travelers from the world. Orissa is home to 62 tribes and you will be enthralled to witness their living in the remotest, deepest forests and witness their lifestyle. Chattisgarh, on the border of Orissa has one third of its population as the tribals, who live in Bastar, a dense forest area. You will never run short of captivating arts and crafts, exquisite music and dance alongwith some unorthodox marriage practices. The vast country of India with its myriad ancient culture and traditions will bring you close to the aboriginals or tribes in the many regions that you choose to travel.


Central India Tribal Tour with Wildlife

Duration: 13 nights | 14 days

This tour has been designed to offer you an opportunity to explore the rich and diverse wildlife with their huge expanse of grassland, dense forests, flaura and fauna of Mandhya Pradesh.


Treasures of Bengal – with Tribal tour

Duration: 13 nights | 14 days

This tour has been designed to make you explore the hidden treasures of West Bengal. You will get an insight into the rich historical, and cultural heritage of the state and be enthralled with the beautiful landscapes that the state has to offer.


North East Tribal Tour

Duration: 12 nights | 13 days

North East India is considered to be one of the culturally distinguishable demesne of the world as it is inhabited by more than 200 fascinated tribes.

Tribal Tour of Orissa

Duration : 13 nights | 14 days

This tour is an expedition packed with great scenic views, ancient religious monuments with amazing beaches and wild life sanctuary that will fascinate you. The Golden Triangle of the East will give you an insight into the history of Hindusim, Buddhism and Jainism practiced in the old times.