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Mayapur - the Spiritual capital of the world


Situated at the confluence of the River Ganga and Jalangi, Mayapur is the spiritual capital of the world with the Headquarters of the ISKCON temples being located here. It is believed that Lord Krishna’s incarnate Sri Chaitanya Mahabrabhu was born here in 1486 AD. Mayapur is one of the nine dhams of the 9 holy islands. The 9 islands together look like an eight petalled lotus flower and are called Navadwipa which was the earlier capital of West Bengal. The islands are centred around Antardvipa (Mayapur) and are a part of the Mayapur Township, Navadwipa is a famous temple town with 185 temples. It is a place where all beliefs, Shaiva, Vaishnava, and Buddhist converge and exist in harmony. The first temple established in Mayapur is the Chandrodaya Temple. The place is perfect for those looking forward to a spiritual retreat and is thronged by devotees from all across the world and many reside there permanently in search of eternal salvation.

ISKCON society was founded for the devotees of Lord Krishna, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada in 1966, in New York, USA. You will be surprised to learn that ISCKON Mayapur is one of the 20 sacred places most visited in the whole world with almost 5 million visitors around the year.

Highlights of the tour :

You will visit many temples, that are unique in their own way which are totally enchanted with the magic of Radha Krishna. You will also get a chance to taste the delicious holy meal (Bhog) served in the temple complex.

  • Take part in the aarti at the Radha Madhav Chandrodaya Temple amidst the chanting of mantra and singing of holy hymns.
  • See the Sri Chaitanya Museum that displays the different works and the events of Sri Chaitanya’s life
  • Visit the altars of Pancha Tattva and Lord Narsimha Deva
  • Visit the Sri Chaitanya Math - 1 km from the Main Chandrodaya Temple
  • Visit Chand Kazi Samadhi, who was a devotee of Lord Sri Chaitanya
  • Visit the Sonar Gouranga Temple with a splendid Golden statue of Lord Sr Chaitanya
  • Walk through the huge temple complex and visit the many shops displaying a variety of holy items.

Tour Plan and details

  • Trip Duration: 13 hours
  • Tour Starts: 08:00 am
  • Pick up : From Hotel/Airport/Staton
  • Refreshments &smp Packed Drinking Water: Included
  • Chauffeur with Phone: Provided
  • Guide: Optional
  • Tour price : From $ 90.00 per person, min 2 persons required
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